Our Story


The botanic objectives of the gardens are to cultivate rare and endangered plant species for their conservation and promote their knowledge and use by professionals and amateurs. Currently 1.600 plant species and varieties are already cultivated in the gardens. The Quinta gardens include the botanically diverse North and South Arboretums, the Citrus Spiral, Fruit and Olive orchards, Kitchen, Herb, Mexicain, “Plaid”, and Rose Gardens, a wisteria pergola, and a future maze and water gardens, (including a biological swimming pool, canals and a reservoir for recycling of grey waters) etc. The trees, shrubs, flowers, vegetables and other ornamental plants are cultivated for the pleasure of the visit, for education, and many for their rarity and conservation. The choice of plantations offers visitors year round garden flowerings and interest.


Conservation of animal, bird and insect life above and below ground in the gardens.

Ecological Water Management:

The management of water includes the collection of rain water and the treatment of grey waters from dwellings by the techniques of biological vegetalized lagoons.


Creative ateliers and activities for adults and children are offered

The gardens receive classes from local schools for children's introduction to Nature classes. In function of the established Portuguese national educational programs, three educational dossiers corresponding to three age levels have been created by a volunteer school teacher.

Accessibility and tours adapted for disabled visitors to 70% of the existing gardens and 100% in the future maze, an unique amusing and botanical creation.